Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Texas, I miss you.

Sometimes I feel like a walking Texas stereotype. My paternal grandparents have a farm and raise cattle. My maternal grandfather worked in the plants his entire life while my grandmother raised four children. My favorite beer is Shiner. I love fried food and TexMex. The only Spanish I know applies solely in a restaurant setting. I sometimes say "y'all" or have a slight drawl when I say words like "mama" or "bye." I think every restaurant should have margaritas on the menu. I only have summer clothes in my closet, and temperatures below 50 constitute coat weather. I didn't know there was life outside of food trailers and breakfast tacos. I never realized just how Texas I am until I moved to Ohio.
(image from Pinterest, if you know the source please let me know!)
I recently got a job as a receptionist here, and while filling out tax paperwork, found out there are things like state and city taxes. Texans don't have those little gems deducted from each paycheck. Tax season next year should be a nightmare for me. Sigh. 

 If I want to get groceries, I have to go to Kroger or Giant Eagle. I have yet to find a place with a golden honey mustard as good as Whataburger's. I don't hear about high school football or the Longhorns, now I hear about the Blue Jackets (hockey), Columbus Crew (soccer) and the Cleveland Browns (football). OSU has replaced UT in daily conversation. I can't find Blue Bell ice cream in grocery stores around here, I buy Graeter's or Jeni's now. I miss live music every night of the week. I want to go to a La Cantina or Cafe del Rio and listen to a blues band. I miss the little things like Buc-ees, driving on the freeway with the windows down, Doguet's roux and TexJoy.

Don't get me wrong! I really like Ohio, and I am definitely not complaining. The people here are great and very welcoming. There's curbside recycling, and a thriving art scene in Columbus. I'm not getting lost as much when I drive around town, which is nice! I just miss home. My first month here went by so quickly, I hardly had time to process everything.  I'm starting to feel the permanence of moving. After being in the UK so long, life started to feel like one long extended vacation. Moving to Columbus felt no different, kind of like I'd be back home to Beaumont in no time. Once I started training for my job, I started to feel it. I realized I am miss Thanksgiving for the second year in a row. My mom and siblings are going to the Color Run 5K in Austin this summer, and I can't be on the team. I am going to miss everyone's birthdays, and my family won't be here for mine. I can't show my sister the cool vintage shop I found on High Street or take my brother out for coffee. I can't stop and get good TexMex anywhere, haha. I'm realizing how much stuff I took for granted. 

I hope once I get into a work routine, make some more friends and really get settled I'll feel less homesick. Moving is a little harder than I thought! Any advice on keeping the blues away?


Emma said...

Congrats on the job!! Want to grab some dinner/drinks to celebrate? I know a place in the Short North with what I'm convinced are the best margaritas in town. (The food isn't bad either--Mexican, of course.)

As far as taxes go, you shouldn't have too much trouble with the whole city/state thing. I do my own every year and will be more than happy to help you out, if you want :)

And as for blues-banishing advice, all I really have is keep busy? Meet people. Discover the city. I've always hated moving, but once you settle in, things always get easier.

Stephanie said...


This was me all last year, and still sometimes now. I miss all of these things, and you know what I would do almost everyday?? Check g-town surf for the daily forecast in Galveston! Silly huh? : ) But I felt a little more connected to home.

As far as what you can do, I'll tell you what a friend told me...It takes awhile to grow roots in a place. Ain't that the truth :) But you will. It's gonna take some time, but you'll always have a greater appreciation for your home than you would if you had never left once in your whole life.


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