Sunday, January 13, 2013

Living in the 614

I've been in Columbus for just about 10 days now! It feels like a ton has happened since I've been here. Well, I suppose a ton has happened since I moved up here. I've gotten a better chance to see Columbus and hang out with my boyfriend's friends. I also got to meet Emma from Verbal Melange

Omar and Emma have done a pretty good job showing me around the city. Omar took me to meet some friends at North Market for lunch, Dirty Frank's for hotdogs, an ice cream date at Jeni's in our neighborhood, Elevator Brewery to get our MBAs, and the Short North for coffee and shopping. Emma took me to Northstar Cafe for a tasty brunch and thrift shopping in her neighborhood. 

I have a good feeling about living here. I love my neighborhood and our apartment is adorable. I've gotten to hang out with some pretty neat people. I had this horrible thought that I would get here and be miserable but I think spending all of that time abroad really helped prepare me for such a drastic life change. It's been a really great transition. I haven't felt lonely or bored one time, and I am really proud of myself for that. Even if I don't have a job (even though a few leads seem promising!) and money is really tight, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year.

I'm pretty proud of the progress we've made on unpacking and arranging the house.
The view from our living room window last week
A little bit of our bedroom before we hung up all of our posters. We still need to find a dresser and a bookshelf to put all of our things on. Our room is definitely a work in progress!
Our living room after arranging and rearranging.
Omar checking the mail in front of our house!

Columbus, I can't wait to get to know you better.

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Emma said...

I'm so glad you're loving it!! North Market is one of my fave places that I don't visit nearly enough...and I'm super glad Omar took you to Jeni's. That was on my list for Saturday, but we ran out of time. Can't wait to hang out again :)

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